Genetic Counseling, MS

Degree: Master of Science (MS)
Field of Study: Genetic Counseling

Program Overview

The Genetic Counseling Training Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC). Acquisition and mastery of clinical competencies are reflected in the Program’s didactic coursework, clinical rotations, research process, and supplementary experiences. The sequence of medical genetics courses and genetic counseling courses are designed to introduce concepts regarding medical genetics, general medical practice, counseling theory and clinical skills such that they build from beginning skills to a more advanced skill set in the order needed for clinical experiences. The goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and clinical skills to function as competent and empathetic genetic counselors in a wide range of settings and roles. All of these activities enable successful graduates to meet the clinical competencies as outlined by the ACGC and successfully pass the American Board of Genetic Counseling certification examination (ABGC).

Experiential professional training occurs concurrently with formal coursework and over the summer between years one and two. Clinical settings include a variety of clinics and inpatient services at the Center for Human Genetics at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, the Genomic Medicine Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, Genetic Services at MetroHealth Medical Center and Medical Genetics at Akron Children’s Hospital. Students also rotate at the Cleveland Clinic Molecular Laboratory which includes experiences in cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and cancer cytogenetics as well as learning the roles and responsibilities of laboratory genetic counselors.  Student participation in these and other departmental professional and educational activities such as lectures, seminars, journal club, grand rounds, genetics conferences, and various research, counseling and patient management conferences is expected throughout the program. Coursework and clinical experiences are designed to develop the competencies expected by the ACGC.

Graduate Policies

For graduate policies and procedures, please review the School of Graduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.