The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library

The law library’s holdings include more than 410,000 books and volume-equivalents, complete collections of federal and state law, law reviews, current law services, an extensive British and Commonwealth collection, and special collections in taxation, labor law, foreign investments, international law, and environmental law. The law library is building strong collections in law and medicine, intellectual property, and law of the European Union. It is a selective depository for both U.S. and Canadian government documents. There are computer facilities on every floor of the library, providing access to more than 700 electronic services and library catalogs, and a wide range of software services. The university boasts a fast and powerful computing network and wireless access, and the university network links the law school to the vast resources of the Internet. The law library is a member of OhioLINK, which is a consortium of Ohio’s college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio. OhioLINK offers access to more than 31 million library items from 79 institutions. These materials include items from law, medical, and special collections.

The law library offers its users access to an ever-expanding list of electronic research databases as well as e-books. Electronic resources are accessible through the library catalog and the Law Library Services page on our website. Web-based databases offered include Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw as well as over 100 OhioLINK databases (including Index to Legal Periodicals and Medline). Many of these OhioLINK databases contain the full text of journal articles. Housed within the law library are a computer laboratory and a computer training classroom.

Milton and Charlotte Kramer Law Clinic

The Supreme Court of Ohio authorizes student practice under attorney supervision in the final year of law school. Through the clinic, students provide legal representation to indigent clients and community groups and receive academic credit. The clinical program is the capstone of the skills curriculum and offers specialized practice experiences in the following areas of law:  Appellate Litigation, Criminal Justice, Community Development, Environmental, First Amendment, Health, Human Trafficking, Immigration, Intellectual Property, and Reentry.