Endodontics (DNDO)

DNDO 529. Endodontology. 3 Units.

Scientific rationale for endodontic practice. Endodontic anatomy, physiology, pathology, and microbiology. All treatments and techniques studied and substantiated by current and classical research.

DNDO 539. Endodontic Literature Review. 3 Units.

Provides scientific basis for present and future treatment. Instructs students in critically evaluating literature. Provides format for lifelong self-education. Specific journal assignments summarized, evaluated, and presented for group discussion weekly.

DNDO 551. Clinical Endodontic Specialty. 3 Units.

Students present case histories as they encounter them in clinic. Cases discussed in detail and critically evaluated by colleagues and graduate endodontic faculty. Past endodontic literature discussed in detail as each student presents a topic assigned by faculty. Problems in clinic discussed. Several guest endodontists present various techniques and perform them.

DNDO 651. Sedation in Endodontic Practice. 1 - 3 Units.

5 modules designed to provide in-depth knowledge of minimal and moderate sedation to graduate endodontic students with the goal of becoming proficient in providing safe and effective minimal or moderate sedation to patients undergoing endodontic therapies. Recommended preparation: Current American Heart Association certification in BLS or Red Cross certification in Professional rescuer CPR.