Department of Dance

Mather Dance Center
Phone: 216.368.1491
Karen Potter, Department Chair

The Department of Dance offers education and participation in many aspects of dance, with course offerings in modern and contemporary dance as well as ballet technique, choreography, kinesiology, history, production and more. Students have the opportunity to perform on stage as well as to serve on the technical crews in dance concerts. The high ratio of faculty to students ensures that students will be able to work closely with highly skilled professionals. The department treats all performances as educational experiences and welcomes the participation of all students, particularly in Mather Dance Collective (MaDaCol), regardless of their academic majors and career goals.

Graduates of the dance program are currently employed as modern/contemporary dance company members (regionally and nationally), company directors/choreographers, and dance production managers, and as teachers, program directors, and administrators in colleges and universities. Others have transitioned into such disciplines as physical therapy, medicine, nutrition, and massage therapy.

Department Faculty

Karen Potter, MFA
(Case Western Reserve University)
Professor and Chair
Contemporary dance technique; choreography; pedagogy

Gary Galbraith, MFA
(Case Western Reserve University)
Professor; Artistic Director
Contemporary dance technique; choreography; dance and technology; dancer wellness