Centers + Institutes

The Centers of Excellence at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing expose students first-hand to nursing research, global health care systems, evidence-based practice, initiatives in aging care, self-management, end-of-life science, the inclusion of persons with disabilities into research, and flight nursing. 

Dorothy Ebersbach Academic Center for Flight Nursing

The Dorothy Ebersbach Academic Center for Flight Nursing, formerly the National Flight Nurse Academy, is the first endowed and dedicated academic center in the nation devoted to investigating and promoting evidence-based training and educational programs focused on providing care to individuals outside of hospitals. The center pioneered and offers the first-of-its-kind Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Flight Nursing subspecialty in conjunction with the Master of Science in Nursing program. Nursing students of all levels can specialize in flight nursing at Case Western Reserve University while training in the nation's first state-of-the-art simulator using a Sikorsky S76 helicopter and static ambulance. The Center also conducts research to guide clinical practice and inform public policy on increasing access to higher-level care. 

University Center on Aging and Health (UCAH)

By the year 2040, a staggering number (approximately 21.7%) of the US population will be persons 65 years of age and older.  Eldercare is projected to be the fastest-growing employment sector within the healthcare industry.  UCAH at Case Western Reserve University serves international, national, and local communities by providing an interdisciplinary platform for gerontological education, research, and services. A key objective of UCAH is to increase the number of students studying gerontology and utilize its partnerships to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in research and education.

Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute for Best Nursing Practices Based on Evidence

The Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute for Evidence-Based Practice is an endowed research and training center to promote the implementation of evidence into clinical practice.  Established in 1998 with a generous endowment by Sarah Cole Hirsh, the center focuses on education, research, and innovation in evidence-based practice implementation.  Interprofessional courses are offered to students and clinicians to facilitate both the practice and science of implementation.  The center's focus areas include quality improvement, safety, and the care of older persons with the goal to achieve the Quintuple Aim (better health, improved patient experience, lower costs, provider well-being, and health equity).