Cognitive Linguistics, MA

Degree: Master of Arts (MA)
Field of Study: Cognitive Linguistics

Program Overview

Cognitive linguistics is an approach to the study of language that begins with the assumption that language is not separate from other cognitive processes (memory, attention, categorization, social cognition, etc.), and that language is influenced by the way the body interacts with the world. Practitioners use experimental methods as well as use theories like conceptual metaphor theory, conceptual integration, cognitive grammar, construction grammar, embodied cognition, etc. Cognitive linguistics focuses on the intersection of language and cognition, making it possible to study very disparate topics such as how social context shapes the use of different languages in bilingual populations, which metaphors are effective in getting people to change their minds, or how learning can be improved through the use of gesture. The department offers an MA as well as an Integrated Graduate Studies MA (for current undergraduates).

Graduate Policies

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