IBIS 401. Integrated Biological Sciences I. 1 - 9 Units.

A four-semester sequence encompassing anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, and microbiology.

IBIS 402. Integrated Biological Sciences II. 1 - 9 Units.

A continuation of IBIS 401.

IBIS 403. Integrated Biological Sciences III. 1 - 9 Units.

A continuation of IBIS 402.

IBIS 411. Clinical Science I. 2 Units.

IBIS 412. Clinical Science II. 2 Units.

IBIS 413. Clinical Science III. 2 Units.

IBIS 434. Integrated Biological Sciences in Medicine. 6 Units.

This course is open only to candidates enrolled in the M.D./M.S. program (College plan). Registration is for the Spring semester of the second year in medical school. The course content includes the areas of hematology, gastroenterology and renal physiology. Students will also be required to participate in Process of Discovery. Assessment of performance will be through reaching required levels of competency for the medical areas identified above and by the evaluation of a term paper. Recommended preparation: First three semesters of medical school and currently a medical student in good standing.

IBIS 451. Clinical Science (for M.D./M.A. Bioethics Students). 3 Units.

IBIS 600. Exam in Biomedical Investigation. 0 Unit.

Students are required to pass an examination established for each student, generally reflecting the preparation and oral defense of a written report on the project. Prereq: Must be enrolled in MD/MS Biomedical Investigation program.