Explore Program

All undergraduate students are required to complete the Explore program during their first year of enrollment at Case Western Reserve University. The Explore program introduces students to academic disciplines and appropriate campus and local resources and opportunities that will support their academic success, contribute to their learning within and beyond the classroom, and help them develop productive relationships with peers, faculty, and staff. Students arrive on campus with ideas and plans about their educational paths through the university that range from being narrowly focused only on a particular academic discipline to being wide-open to all options. For every student, spending time in their first year exploring the full scope of programs and services available at CWRU will help solidify their plans and benefit their long-term success.

Explore activities fall into three categories:

  • Academic Fields and Programs
  • University Resources
  • Student Activities and Cultural Institutions

Students must complete six activities: at least two by the end of week 6 in the first semester of enrollment, at least four by the end of week 12 of that semester, and at least six by the end of week 6 of the second semester of enrollment. The six activities must include at least one from each of the three categories. Completion of an activity includes attendance and submission of a brief online survey that will also record attendance. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to a registration hold blocking course registration for the next semester until the student has completed the requirement.  The deadlines provide sufficient time for a student to comply between the hold being placed and the start of the next semester.

A student's record of Explore activities and their survey responses will be shared with their faculty pre-major advisor and their four-year advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Support Office to facilitate follow-up conversations to place the student's Explore experiences in the context of a four-year plan for success at CWRU.

By the end of Explore, students will be able to

  • Make an informed decision in their choice of a major by understanding the content, modes of inquiry, and career opportunities associated with various CWRU academic programs.
  • Identify and begin accessing campus resources and opportunities that can contribute to their learning within and beyond the classroom and the attainment of personal and professional goals.