Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

MSTPĀ 400. Research Rotation in Medical Scientist Training Program. 0 - 9 Units.

All students must complete research rotations in a minimum of three different MSTP-approved laboratories and submit rotation reports and rotation evaluations for each to the MSTP office. All three of the rotations must be completed before the beginning of each student's third year of the program. The main purpose of research rotations is to aid the student in selecting a laboratory for their thesis work.

MSTPĀ 401. Introduction to MSTP. 0 Unit.

Focus and Scope of Course: The course examines the unique challenges that MSTP students face as they navigate a dual degree program. The course will explore strategies that successful MSTP students employ, including mentor choice, time management, strategy and networking. The course will also offer exposure to the various resources available at CWRU for medical and graduate students. Lastly, through journal clubs and formal lecturing, the critical thinking required of an MSTP student will be explored. Objectives: Students will be able to -Employ successful strategies for research rotation set-up and mentor choice -Enunciate strategies for the reconciliation of dual career training with an emphasis on networking, granting and timing -Employ the critical thinking required for manuscript critique and employ successful strategies in both oral and written presentation. Required Texts: None, however, manuscripts may be assigned and will be provided in pdf format. Format and Expectations: As the class is meant to be in dialogue format, meaningful class participation is expected and required. An individual cannot participate if he or she is absent, therefore, attendance is required. If there is a conflict with a required medical school assignment or activity, the medical school activity takes precedence, and attendance in the MSTP course will be waived for that session. Individual students will at times be assigned responsibility for leading the discussion relevant to specified readings. It is expected that all students will complete the readings and assignments prior to the start of the class at which the reading was assigned. Grading: Grading will be Pass/Fail. If students are present at all sessions (excepting when required for an alternative activity at the medical school and excepting excused absences with permission from the instructor), and if the student makes an attempt at a meaningful contribution to the discussion, it is anticipated that all students will pass.