Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA)

EFDA 111. Tooth Morphology for the EFDA. 1 Unit.

Instructional laboratory sessions provide experience with viewing models of teeth as well as reproducing teeth in wax. Mastery of terminology and basic facts of dental anatomy and tooth positions of permanent and primary teeth. Introduction of proper instrumentation begins.

EFDA 113. Dental Materials for the EFDA. 1 Unit.

Instructional laboratory sessions cover the physical and chemical properties and uses and manipulation of materials used in protection of the pulp and intracoronal temporization. Composition, properties and manipulation of dental amalgam, composite and pit and fissure sealant materials are also introduced. Isolation techniques and rubber dam placement lab.

EFDA 115. Restorative Dentistry for the EFDA I. 3 Units.

Skill development in the placement and carving of Class I, II, V and complex amalgam restorations on the typodont. Skill development in the placement and finishing and polishing of Class I, II, III, IV, and V composite restoration and amalgam restoration finishing and polishing on the typodont. Continued skill development in instrumentation, body positioning and ergonomics. Skill development in the use of low and high speed handpieces for rotary instrument use in finishing and polishing restorations. Skill development in self-evaluation using specific criteria. Pit and fissure sealant applications. **Student must show competency of skills acquired to be able to progress in Clinical Practicum for the EFDA**.

EFDA 116. Restorative Dentistry for the EFDA II. 2 Units.

Students begin preparation for the state board examination by demonstrating successful completion of amalgam and composite restorations with increasingly difficult grading evaluation, mastery of self evaluation skills, decreasing restoration placement time and by completing 3 mock board examinations. Students must pass a final clinical and didactic examination to pass the course. Emphasis on understanding Ohio EFDA Registration protocol.

EFDA 120. Clinical Practicum for the EFDA. 2 Units.

Students fulfill the Ohio State Dental Board requirement of having clinical experience on patients in CWRU approved dental clinics. Clinic sessions include a variety of restorative experiences on many patients. One 8 hour session is required for 4 weeks. Students will restore patients' teeth under the supervision of a licensed dentist and a clinical supervisor in clinics affiliated with CWRU. Emphasis is placed on restoring metallic and non-metallic restorations.