Anthropology, Minor

Program Overview

As a student in the anthropology program at Case Western Reserve University you will be challenged to form a unique perspective on human behavior, institutions, and biology.  Skills of investigation, discovery, and critical thinking prepare you for a wide range of careers from health and international affairs, to public service, education, and law, to management and industry. An undergraduate degree in anthropology can lead you to an enriching career, to further study in medicine and law, or to advanced study in various academic programs. Just a few examples of the exciting opportunities open to anthropologists include working with local police forensic departments, studying health issues for hospitals or medical centers, and consulting for companies that develop software and electronics.

The Anthropology Department’s undergraduate programs investigate human behavior through four emphases, offered as both majors and minors. Each of these emphases pushes you to develop the qualitative and quantitative analytic skills necessary for both a career and further academic study.  Students may pursue one of four areas of concentration: general anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology, and medical anthropology.

Undergraduate Policies

For undergraduate policies and procedures, please review the Office of Undergraduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.