Positive Organization Development and Change, MSPOD

Degree: Master of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change (MSPOD)

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change (MSPOD) is the premier graduate program for change management and leadership development. It is offered by the world-renowned Organizational Behavior Department at the Weatherhead School of Management. The curriculum is at the cutting edge of positive organization development, results-driven change management, emotionally intelligent leadership development, compassionate coaching, gender, diversity and multi-culturalism (inclusive leadership) and interpersonal and team-effectiveness. 

The MSPOD program emphasizes strength-based and positive approaches to managing change, designing sustainable organizations, formulating effective strategy, creating high engagement and inclusive work cultures, leading through emotional intelligence and coaching for deep and lasting personal and professional development. 

The MSPOD program is of value to organizations with aspiring managers who wish to develop mastery in:

  • Applying Appreciative Inquiry and strength-based organization development to system-wide change or growth opportunities.
  • Developing emotional intelligence competencies needed to coach and foster leadership skills and personal growth for oneself and others. 
  • Forming and leading high-performing teams and flourishing enterprises that foster economic prosperity, ecological advancement, and social responsibility.
  • Applying change agent capabilities in strategic-level change interventions that create value for organizations, customers, and communities.
  • Managing the diversity and complexity that characterize today's organizations.
  • Using experiential learning to promote effective teams and decision-making.

The MSPOD program is grounded in the basic belief that a person can be a powerful instrument for change, and that personal and professional development go hand in hand. The MSPOD learning experience enables participants to become more effective leaders and coaches, and design and conduct positive organization change management interventions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students conduct and/or manage strategic level change interventions that create value for customers, clients, and communities.
  • Students are conversant in leading edge theory & practice in appreciative inquiry, strength-based human development, and positive organizational change and research.
  • Students are personally self aware and proficient in emotional & social intelligence competencies, and are able to effectively coach others in leadership & personal development.
  • Students are skilled at forming sustainable groups, organizations, and enterprises that are able to align strengths, and make weaknesses irrelevant; and can do so in ways that enable humans to flourish, be economically prosperous, and become ecologically advanced.