Veale Entrepreneurship Institute (VEAL)

VEALĀ 333. Global Technology Leadership. 1 Unit.

What does it take to manage and lead technology projects? In this course, we will explore the challenges and unique elements of leading tech projects. We will start by covering some common elements: Timing, Culture, Communicating, Org Structure, strategy and ethics. We then move to specific case studies with guest speakers, exploring how these apply in different industries and different organization structures. You will leave the class better prepared to contribute and lead tech projects - wherever you will be. We will also make a trek to Silicon Valley to meet with tech industry professionals and learn about the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

VEALĀ 334. Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Concepts and Practice. 3 Units.

In this course, students will learn the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship -- a persevering and passionate focus on bringing an idea from discovery to scale: creative ideation, managing time, money, resources, and substantial risk throughout the process, and ultimately creating value. This course is a combination of seminars and experiential learning through travel. This course will be conducted in the Socratic Method. Students will discuss and reflect on the class preparation materials, engage in class discussion, and explore topics further with other class participants or their extended network. This course is open to current Veale Snyder Fellows.