Finance, MFin

Degree: Master of Finance (MFin)

Program Overview

The Master of Finance program trains students to make immediate and skilled contributions in corporation finance, financial modeling, valuation, derivatives applications, risk management, and financial econometrics. Through case studies, real life projects, corporate presentations, field trips and internships, finance students acquire a solid foundation in finance while applying key concepts and theories in and out of class. Increasingly, leaders must be equipped to work with diverse populations locally and around the world. Bringing diverse voices together into one community inspires innovation and creative problem solving for today’s evolving market. As a Weatherhead finance master’s degree student, students will engage with peers from all over the globe, an experience that will expand students’ ability to relate to people from all cultures and prepare students to lead in a global business environment.

The Master of Finance program organizes city treks across the U.S. to meet with potential employers. These treks provide students with the opportunity to visit and learn about various firms, and to meet and form relationships with leaders in the field. The Master of Finance program hosts several seminars a year led by industry experts. These seminars introduce students to a variety of sectors in finance and gives them the opportunity to network with top-finance professionals. Master of Finance students are also invited to regular academic seminars that the Banking and Finance department hosts. These seminars are held regularly, and given by top-academic researchers in finance. These seminars provide students information about what is currently happening at the cutting edge of financial research that may have many applications in practice. The Master of Finance program has a dedicated director to assist students in finding internships and jobs, and to help build relationships.

For more information visit the website or contact Marybeth Keeler, associate director, at 216.368.3688.


Learning Outcomes

  • Students are competent analytical problem solvers.
  • Students are skilled at solving unstructured problems.
  • Students demonstrate effective teamwork.