BLAW 331. Legal Environment of Management. 3 Units.

This course is designed as a survey course in the area of basic business law. It covers the fundamental legal principles and laws that underlie any business decision. The major topics include: contracts, the Uniform Commercial Code (sales), torts, real and intellectual property, business organizations, Securities Regulation and Agency.

BLAW 411. Business and Law Colloquium. 3 Units.

This course will bring together law students, business students, mid-level attorneys and senior leaders in the legal field for a one-semester weekly colloquium. Even though women have represented approximately half of law-school graduates for a number of years, women represent only 16% of law firm equity partners and even fewer corporate General Counsels. This course aims to offer an introduction to the business skills that both women and men will need to rise to the highest levels of law practice and organizational leadership. Each week will focus on a different aspect of law and business. The curriculum will include sessions focused in financial management, business development, communication skills, and intercultural business and law practices. Offered as LAWS 5432 and BLAW 411.

BLAW 417. Legal Environment for Managers. 3 Units.

This course will provide an overview of the legal environment in which business transactions take place. Through coverage of a number of topical areas, the student will be given a broad understanding of how the law impacts upon the daily decisions of managers. More specifically, the student will be better able to identify and understand how the legal issues facilitate or hinder the conduct of business. Topics covered will include contracts, property, products' liability, employment law, and corporate law. Special emphasis is placed on those regulatory areas of greatest interest to modern business.