UCAP 390. Conservation of National Parks and Protected Areas: A Service Learning Capstone. 3 Units.

This capstone course explores environmental conservation with a focus on protected natural areas and community engagement. Limited to a small group that meets in weekly seminar, the course investigates the often competing interests of ecosystem protection, private development, historic preservation, and public use. A vital part of the capstone is a service learning trip during break when students travel to a National Park or other protected area to contribute to conservation efforts and to gain hands-on experience with environmental management activities. Each student chooses an issue relevant to protected areas to investigate throughout the semester and writes a significant paper about that issue, utilizing the service learning trip experience to deepen their understanding and analysis of the issue. At the end of the semester, each student makes a public presentation of his/her work. Counts as SAGES Senior Capstone. Prereq: Passing letter grade in a 100 level first year seminar in USFS, FSNA, FSCC, FSSO, FSSY or FSCS

UCAP 395. SAGES Capstone Experience. 1 - 6 Units.

UCAP 395 affords students the opportunity to pursue a capstone experience outside the constraints of SAGES capstone courses offered by individual academic departments. Students must identify a project, a mentor and an oversight committee. If the mentor is not a Case faculty member, then the student must also identify a faculty advisor who does hold such an appointment and who will serve as the instructor of record. A capstone experience can take various forms but must include certain elements: critical thinking, regular oversight by the project advisor(s), periodic written and oral reporting of progress, a final written report which describes the project activity (which may be a performance, experiment, student teaching, live case analysis, creative writing endeavor, etc.), and a final public presentation. More details about course policies, including procedures for registering, are available via the SAGES office and web site. UCAP 395 may be taken as a one-semester or a two-semester course for 1-6 credits in any given semester and 3-6 credits total. Permit from Director of SAGES required. Counts as SAGES Senior Capstone.