Finance, BSM

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM)
Major: Finance

Program Overview

As a finance major, you will add to the core foundation provided by the BSM in Finance with the necessary knowledge to be prepared for careers in banking, financial management, consulting and other fields. The finance major provides advanced skills and knowledge for financial analysis and decision making, including:

  • Understanding of global financial markets and valuation

  • Theory and practice of financial modeling

  • Advanced quantitative skills and application of financial analytics

We continually update our curriculum to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. For example, we recently added courses in fintech and advanced financial analytics. You also have the flexibility to participate in the Practicum Program.

For more information, review the Weatherhead School of Management Department of Banking and Finance website or contact Jim Hurley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Integrated Study programs, at 216.368.3856.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students are competent analysts.
  • Students are effective at quantitative reasoning.
  • Students are effective communicators.
  • As team members, students exhibit traits essential for high performing teams.
  • Students are experienced in applying business knowledge and skills.

Undergraduate Policies

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Accelerated Master's Programs

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