Oral Medicine (DORL)

DORL 529. Oral Diagnosis / Med Seminar. 1 Unit.

Principles of diagnosis of oral mucosal disorders , clinical pathology and systemic pathology will be discussed in an interactive, case based format.

DORL 531. Clinical Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine. 1 Unit.

Clinical rotation in oral medicine and orofacial pain service.

DORL 532. Medical Specialty Services. 1 - 3 Units.

This course provides exposure to the graduate student to medical primary and specialty services and applications to the practice of oral medicine.

DORL 533. Supervised Teaching Radiology. 0 - 3 Units.

Active supervision of first year students during pre clinical and didactic instruction in dental radiography. Instruct and guide DMD students accurately exposing, processing and evaluating patient complete mouth radiographic surveys in clinical and demonstrate basic acquisition and interpretation of CBCT scans

DORL 534. Panoramic Imaging. 0 - 3 Units.

Knowledge regarding principles of panoramic radiology and image formation, details of rotation center, image layer formation, image layer thickness, magnification, sharpness and sensor design movement and speed. Anatomic landmarks key landmarks used for troubleshooting errors, description of correct projection of anatomic landmarks on a properly exposed panoramic film and relative positioning of anatomic structures is also covered.

DORL 541. Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. 1 Unit.

Learn the principles of CBCT, MRI, and other advanced imaging Assist in oral and maxillofacial reading service Recognize radiologic appearance of abnormal findings in the maxillofacial complex

DORL 542. Advanced Oral Radiology. 1 Unit.

Seminar format review of advanced imaging techniques and interpretation on a one to one basis with faculty.

DORL 554. Current Concepts in Medicine. 1 Unit.

Students will review contemporary internal medicine topics of relevance to the oral medicine clinician.