Department of Economics

The College of Arts and Sciences awards the Bachelor of Arts degree in economics.  The required courses for the major and minor are offered by the Department of Economics in the Weatherhead School of Management.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics

(College of Arts and Sciences)

The BA in Economics is a 120-credit-hour, structured program in which students learn to analyze problems of resource allocation and decision making and to understand the influence of these factors on economies and societies.

Our highly regarded major attracts some of the best students on campus. Students have the opportunity to assist Weatherhead faculty in their research activities and to participate in independent research projects.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics concentration in Quantitative Methods

(College of Arts and Sciences)

This major option (120-hours) emphasizes mathematical and empirical methods in economics, including development of strong quantitative and programming skills.  The Quantitative Methods concentration is especially recommended for students who are highly interested in research and advanced study in Economics.

General Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete the Arts and Sciences General Education Requirements.  

Students who desire a Secondary Major in Economics should consult with a Weatherhead academic advisor.

Major Requirements: Economics

MATH 121Calculus for Science and Engineering I4
or MATH 125 Math and Calculus Applications for Life, Managerial, and Social Sci I
ECON 102Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 103Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 307Intermediate Macro Theory3
ECON 308Intermediate Micro Theory3
or ECON 309 Intermediate Micro Theory: Calculus-Based
OPRE 207Statistics for Business and Management Science I3
or STAT 243 Statistical Theory with Application I
or STAT 312 Basic Statistics for Engineering and Science
or STAT 312R Basic Statistics for Engineering and Science Using R Programming
ECON 326Econometrics (Ideally, Econometrics should be taken by the junior year to enrich understanding of upper-level elective courses and to enable engagement in more sophisticated economic analysis.)4
Elective courses (a minimum of five additional economics courses at the 200 or 300 level). ECON 398 Honors Research II does not count toward fulfilling this requirement.15
Total Units38

Major Requirements: Economics concentration in Quantitative Methods

The Quantitative Methods concentration includes the requirements above, AND the following additional or alternative requirements:

MATH 122Calculus for Science and Engineering II4
or MATH 126 Math and Calculus Applications for Life, Managerial, and Social Sci II
ECON 309Intermediate Micro Theory: Calculus-Based3
Quantitative Methods - Any three of the following:
ECON 216Data Visualization in R3
ECON 327Advanced Econometrics3
ECON 329Game Theory: The Economics of Thinking Strategically3
ECON 364Economic Analysis of Business Strategies3
ECON 380Computational Economics3
Electives 9 units-At least 3 must be in economics at 200-level or 300-level, and at least 3 must be from non-economics electives menu below:
MATH 201Introduction to Linear Algebra for Applications3
or MATH 307 Linear Algebra
MATH 223Calculus for Science and Engineering III3
MATH 224Elementary Differential Equations3
or MATH 228 Differential Equations
MATH 304Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 321Fundamentals of Analysis I3
Advanced Empirical Methods in Business
BAFI 362Advanced Financial Analytics3
OPRE 301Operations Research and Supply Chain Management3
ENGR 131Elementary Computer Programming3
DESN 210Introduction to Programming for Business Applications3
ANTH 319Introduction to Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences3
SOCI 307Social Statistics3
STAT 201Basic Statistics for Social and Life Sciences3
STAT 244Statistical Theory with Application II3
STAT 325Data Analysis and Linear Models3
STAT 326Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining3
CSDS 442Causal Learning from Data3
**NOTE: ECON 395 and ECON 398 do not count towards electives (See information below on SAGES Senior Capstone).

SAGES Senior Capstone: Economics

The basic Economics major does not require a capstone as part of the major. However, students need to complete a capstone as part of the SAGES requirement. The Economics Department offers the following courses for a capstone.

ECON 398Honors Research II3
ECON 395Senior Capstone in Economics3
ECON 399Individual Readings and Research (upon approval of Senior Capstone Coordinator)3-6

SAGES Senior Capstone: Economics concentration in Quantitative Methods

Required - 3 units:
ECON 395Senior Capstone in Economics3
or ECON 398 Honors Research II

For more information, contact Teresa Kabat, department administrator, at 216.368.4110.