General Engineering

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Daniel J. Lacks, Associate Dean of Engineering

Bachelor of Science in General Engineering

The primary purpose of the General Engineering major is to serve the needs of students who have multiple areas of interest in technical fields or who do not wish to pursue pure engineering careers but are looking to expand their technological background to include non-technical pursuits, such as, for example, in business, psychology, history, or art. Thus wanting to pursue an academic curriculum that includes a combination of basic engineering and a variety of courses in both chemical engineering and electrical engineering, but not desiring a dual major, might be a valid reason to choose a General Engineering major. Alternatively, wanting to pursue a combination of basic engineering courses and business courses might be another reason to choose this major. This is not an ABET accredited program.

A student choosing to pursue a General Engineering major must work with the Associate Dean of Academics in the School of Engineering to develop and submit a clear statement of career goals. These should be  supported by a detailed course curriculum and sample schedule with a written justification for the selections. The program must then be approved by a committee consisting of the Associate Dean of Academics and two additional faculty members in the School of Engineering. A total of at least 129 semester credits are required for graduation.

As each student’s program is unique, no typical curriculum can be shown. Every program must fulfill the requirements described below.

In addition to Engineering Core and CWRU General Education requirements, the program requires the following:

30 cr   Engineering courses chosen in consultation with the Associate Dean (including a 3-cr hr capstone)a

18 cr   Courses chosen in consultation with the Associate Deana

  9 cr   Open elective courses

Hours required for graduation: 129

a     The chosen courses should be approved by a committee consisting of the Associate Dean of Academics and at least two additional faculty members.

Cooperative Education

Opportunities are available for students to alternate studies with work in industry or government as a co-op student, which involves paid full-time employment over seven months (one semester and one summer). Students may work in one or two co-ops, beginning in the third year of study. Co-ops provide students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in their field by completing a significant engineering project while receiving professional mentoring. During a co-op placement, students do not pay tuition but maintain their full-time student status while earning a salary. Learn more at Alternatively or additionally, students may obtain employment as summer interns.

Five-Year Combined BS/MS Program

This program offers outstanding undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain an MS degree in one additional year of study beyond the BS degree. (Normally, it takes two years beyond the BS to earn an MS degree.) In this program, an undergraduate student can take up to 9 credit hours that simultaneously satisfy undergraduate and graduate requirements. Students in this program can begin their research leading to the MS thesis in the fall semester of the senior year. The BS degree is generally awarded at the completion of the senior year.  

Application for admission to the five year BS/MS program is made after completion of five semesters of course work. Minimum requirements are a 3.2 grade point average and the recommendation of the Associate Dean of Academics.  Interested students should contact Associate Dean Daniel Lacks.  Review the Office of Undergraduate Studies BS/MS program requirements here.