School of Graduate Studies

Tomlinson Hall, Room 203
Phone: 216.368.4390

The Case Western Reserve University School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is the unit through which Case Western Reserve University offers graduate programs in the humanities and social sciences, biomedical and natural sciences, engineering, and selected disciplines related to professional fields. These programs lead to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts (theater and dance), Master of Science, Master of Public Health, Master of Engineering and Management, Master of Engineering, Master of Science in Anesthesia, Doctor of Musical Arts, Doctor of Philosophy, and Graduate and Post-baccalaureate Certificates. Several programs offered jointly with the professional schools and local affiliated institutions lead to dual degrees such as MA/JD, MA/PhD, MA/MD, MA/MSN, MS/MBA MS/MD, MS/MPH, MSSA/PhD, PhD/MPH, JD/MPH, MSN/MPH, MBA/MPH, MD/MPH, MPH/MA, and MD/PhD. There are also three combined undergraduate and graduate programs, IGS (Integrated Graduate Studies), BS/MS, and BS/ME, which allow undergraduate students to enter graduate study before they complete their undergraduate programs. A complete list of degree programs offered can be found on the Graduate Studies website. The School of Graduate Studies, overseeing university-wide standards of quality in admission and performance, presently awards graduate degrees in seventy-eight programs: fifty-two with doctoral programs and twenty-six with others in which the highest degree is the MA, ME, MEM, MFA, MPH, MS, or MSA.  Enrollment in the School of Graduate Studies for Fall 2019, excluding non-degree registrants, totaled 2,592, of which 47.5% were men, 52.3% were women, and 29.1% were international. During the academic year 2018-2019, the school awarded 682 master’s degrees and 192 doctorates.

Administration of the School

Charles E. Rozek, PhD
(Wayne State University)
Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Academic & Faculty Affairs

Lynmarie Hamel, JD, M.Ed.
(Case Western Reserve University)
Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies

General responsibility for overseeing postdoctoral affairs, programs of graduate study and for academic and other general regulations applicable to all graduate students and programs is delegated to the Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies. Each department, school, or interdisciplinary committee is responsible for its particular graduate programs within the framework of the general regulations. The Committee on Graduate Studies consists of the dean of graduate studies, the associate dean of graduate studies, the associate vice president for research, eleven faculty members elected by the University Faculty Senate, one appointed postdoc and four graduate students – with at least one appointed from the professional schools.

Graduate Student Council

All graduate and professional students at CWRU are represented by a Graduate Student Council (GSC). Representatives are elected from each school or college that offers graduate programs as outlined in its constitution. The constitution and bylaws of the GSC are published on their site.