Admission and Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Tuition payments and fees are administered through Student Financial Services. For more information about financial assistance, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid


Applicants with good academic records from fully accredited universities and colleges will be considered for admission to graduate study at Case Western Reserve University. Admission must be recommended by the department or professional school of the university in which the applicant proposes to study and must be approved by the dean of graduate studies. Prospective students apply for admission through the School of Graduate Studies. The full list of programs offered through the School of Graduate Studies can be found here

Admission of International Students

The admissions criteria for international students are the same as U.S. residents except for the following:

  1. Applicants whose first language is not English must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend English. English proficiency must be demonstrated by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The minimum score to be considered for admission, depending on the format of the examination, is 577 (paper-based) or 90 (internet-based). IELTS test scores are also accepted with a minimum score requirement of 7.0, as well as the Pearson Test of English-Academic (PTE) with a minimum score of 61. Note that some programs have higher minimum language scores to gain admission. For only Course Focused Masters Programs within the School of Engineering, the minimum language scores to be considered for admission are an 80 TOEFL or a 6.5 IELTS. 

    Applicants are exempt from the TOEFL requirements if they:
  • speak English as their native language
  • have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher at a foreign university where the instruction was in English
  • have a earned a bachelor’s degree or higher at a U.S. college or university

Please note that we are not able to offer "conditional admission" to students who do not meet the English language requirement.

  1. To obtain a student visa, international students must demonstrate financial sufficiency by submitting bank statements and other financial documents indicating sufficient funds to support the tuition and living expenses for one academic year.
  2. For those students who are to receive financial aid from the department, the amount of funds required will depend on the amount of the aid award. In some cases it will be living expenses, and in others more funds will be required.

When a letter of acceptance for an international student has been issued, a copy is sent to International Student Services where the I-20 is processed and sent to the student who must then obtain a student visa in order to begin study in the U.S.

Non-Degree Students

Individuals with earned bachelor’s degrees who want to enroll in classes for personal enrichment or to satisfy prerequisite course requirements for later admission to graduate programs must enroll as non-degree students through the School of Graduate Studies. Prospective non-degree students should apply for admission through the School of Graduate Studies and submit an official transcript to verify their bachelor's degree. Students may enroll in undergraduate and graduate level courses. Continuation in non-degree status is at the discretion of the School of Graduate Studies. Non-degree students are not permitted to enroll in more than 21 hours of coursework in one program. In order to continue taking courses in that program, the student must apply and be accepted into the graduate degree program. More information about enrolling as a non-degree student can be found at the School of Graduate Studies website.

Transferring Non-degree Course Work

Applicants who are interested in transferring course work into graduate degree programs are encouraged to seek early advice from the departments to which they intend to apply to insure that courses taken as non-degree students will satisfy departmental requirements. Non-degree students cannot assume that they will be admitted to any graduate degree program, or that all course work taken will transfer into the program. Only 400 level and higher course work will be considered for graduate transfer. The term of the earliest approved, transferred course will establish the date of entrance into the degree program. Courses transferred from non-degree status must have been taken within five years of the first term of matriculation as a degree seeking student and passed with a grade of B or better. Students considering transfer into a degree program will need to meet a minimum matriculation requirement of two semesters and six semester hours of course work.

Postgraduate Audit Program

A Postgraduate Audit Program allowing registration for coursework is available to individuals who hold a doctoral degree such as MD, DNP, DDS, or PhD and are involved in research or clinical programs at Case Western Reserve University. Additional information is available on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website