French and Francophone Studies, Minor

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Program Overview

Designed to develop cross-cultural awareness and to foster international understanding, the French and Francophone Studies (FFS) Program adds an exciting dimension to the traditional liberal arts curriculum. The French and Francophone Studies minor differs from the French minor in two respects: its interdisciplinary nature and its greater flexibility in accommodating students’ areas of interest. The FFS minor answers the needs of students with a strong interest in cultural issues in general and in French and Francophone history and society in particular. By allowing students to take coursework in English, the FFS minor allows them to benefit from the many courses in various departments that focus on France and the Francophone world.

The FFS Program is an interdisciplinary, integrated program that understands the term “French” in its broadest sense. It thus reflects the diversity of the field of French studies, which explores varied cultures of Francophone expression: Canada, the Caribbean, North and West Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Reaching beyond disciplinary and national boundaries, the program encourages students to choose from a large selection of courses in the humanities, the arts, and the social sciences. In this way, it provides both a meaningful course of study and an outstanding preparation for graduate or professional schools and for careers in international business and finance, law, journalism, diplomatic service, nonprofit and other international organizations, health, teaching, or the arts.

Undergraduate Policies

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