Engineering, ME (Online)

Degree: Master of Engineering (ME)

Program Overview

The Master of Engineering Program is a graduate degree program that targets engineers currently employed in industry. The objective of this program is to provide engineers in industry with technical as well as business, management, and teamwork skills. The program differs from a traditional Master of Science degree in engineering by combining core courses that focus on the engineering-business environment and technical elective courses that concentrate on contemporary industrial practice rather than on research.

The Master of Engineering Program prepares students to enhance their role as corporate leaders and provides an environment in which practicing engineering professionals can address the increasingly wide range of technical, management, financial and interpersonal skills demanded by an ever-expanding and diverse global industry base.

The program is composed of online and traditional on-campus classes, with core courses aimed at equipping participants with knowledge on how engineering is practiced in contemporary industry, and technical electives that provide depth in a chosen specialty area. All core courses are provided in an exclusively online format.  The technical elective sequences for Applied Data Science (ADS), Biomedical Engineering (EBME), Engineering Innovation, Management and Leadership (EIML), Mechanical Engineering (EMAE) and Systems & Control Engineering (SCS) are also in an online format.  Other technical elective courses are held on campus in the late afternoon or evening hours, and in an online distance-learning format to minimize disruption at the workplace and home. Because the program makes extensive use of computers, participants need to have access to computer facilities.

For local students wanting to take on-campus technical electives, please contact the Program Director, Sunniva Collins

Graduate Policies

For graduate policies and procedures, please review the School of Graduate Studies section of the General Bulletin.