Business Administration, MBA (Part time)

Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Program Overview

Weatherhead School of Management's part time MBA is designed for working professionals who desire to advance their careers. Advancement can be the initial move into management or promotion to more advanced management responsibilities. In either case, this MBA provides the knowledge and skills to meet today's challenges and be prepared for the challenges that will face future business leaders. Weatherhead delivers the knowledge and tools necessary to lead change for improving organizational performance while contributing to a more sustainable world. As a highly ranked evening MBA program in Northeast Ohio, the Weatherhead School of Management attracts some of the best professionals in the region to world-class instruction, transformational experiential learning, and connections with business leaders. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Students function effectively in teams.
  • Students are effective communicators in a business setting.
  • Students are critical and creative thinkers.
  • Students are competent analysts.
  • Students can develop strategies to secure sustainable competitive advantage.