Origins Sciences, BA

Institute for the Science of Origins, 217 Rockefeller
Phone: 216.368.4257
Glenn Starkman, Program Director

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Major: Origins Sciences

The Origins Sciences Program offers the Bachelor of Arts degree. The major provides a rigorous course of study with great flexibility in the choice of specific topics and courses. Students play a creative role in designing their own individual educational plans within the major. As a result, they are free to explore nontraditional, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary subjects. 

The Origins Sciences major is designed to connect students with professors breaking through barriers to ask big questions in ways that matter, both at the highest theoretical levels and with immediate practical applications in areas such as medicine and technology. Its concerns range from the nanoscale to ecological relationships to galaxies to dark matter, dark energy and the nature of the universe itself. The major's sponsor, the Institute for the Science of Origins (ISO), brings together scientists from Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and other partner institutions to answer questions about the origin and evolution of simple and complex systems, from the big bang to the human mind. 

The curriculum emphasizes a broad grounding in the origins sciences, including fundamentals of physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics, and encompassing aspects of anthropology, cognitive science, astronomy and earth, environmental and planetary sciences, making it reasonable for students to consider a double or secondary major or a dual degree. A faculty actively engaged in research in these fields and beyond provides first-rate instruction and opportunities for undergraduate involvement in cutting-edge research, including laboratory and museum experience and fieldwork across the globe.

An undergraduate degree in Origins Sciences can be tailored to meet the needs of pre-med or other pre-health students or to prepare students for graduate programs in any of the allied disciplines, including anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, cognitive science, geosciences, applied mathematics, paleontology and physics.

Majoring in Origins Sciences gives students added value in applying to medical school, graduate school or the increasingly technical science-related MBA and JD programs. The major also provides a strong background for students interested in pursuing careers in science writing; internships are available at ideastream, ISO's public TV and radio partner institution.

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