Business Analytics and Intelligence, MBusAI

Degree: Master of Business Analytics and Intelligence (MBusAI)

Program Overview

Weatherhead’s business analytics and intelligence 16-month curriculum plan is a full-time, 36-credit-hour, lockstep program designed to advance skills to drive key business decisions and solutions. We leverage applications in Marketing and Operations however, the skills gained will be useful across all functions and industry sectors.

The curriculum includes three interlocking models the Business Core, the Analytics Core, and the Applied Business Analytics courses. Students study cutting-edge analytics using real-world data from industry partners to develop skills in extracting insights from analytics for business solving. 

Through internships, one-on-one mentorships, and professional networking events throughout the year, students interact with industry partners to develop business connections needed to thrive upon graduation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students demonstrate knowledge of analytical tools
  • Students demonstrate communication skills
  • Students are effective in extracting data driven insights