Interschool Quantitative Biosciences, Graduate Certificate

Credential: Graduate Certificate
Field of Study: Interschool Quantitative Biosciences

Steve Eppell, PhD, Co-Director (Biomedical Engineering Representative)

Mike Hinczewski, PhD, Co-Director (Physics Representative)

Matthias Buck, DPhil, Co-Director (Physiology & Biophysics Representative)

Program Overview

The vision for the Interschool Quantitative Biosciences Program (IQBP) is part of a broader effort to bring together quantitative bioscientists from across Case Western Reserve University to collaborate in research, education, and the building of a more diverse STEM academy.

The Interschool Quantitative Biosciences, Graduate Certificate requires 15 credit hours of required coursework and attendance at research seminars to be completed over the duration of three years.  Each participant must prepare a plan on how the certificate will be completed and submit it for approval by the IQBP director and their PhD supervisor.  The plan may be amended by mutual agreement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of quantitative approaches to scientific problems or data sufficient to collaborate with quantitatively focused scientists. (Quantitative courses)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of one or more areas of biological sciences sufficient to collaborate with biologically focused scientists. (Biosciences courses)
  • Demonstrate ability to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in disciplines outside one’s own primary discipline. (Interschool/interdepartmental courses)
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate scientific research to scientists outside one’s own primary discipline. (Student-led seminar)
  • Demonstrate ability to acquire basic understanding of research in disciplines outside one’s own primary discipline. (Research seminars)
  • Demonstrate engagement with members of the local community to increase STEM literacy and broaden access to STEM education. (Outreach)