Public Health, MPH/Social Work, MSW

Degree: Master of Public Health (MPH)
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Degree: Master of Social Work (MSW)
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Program Overview

The "Side by Side" Dual Degree Program leads to both the Masters of Social Work (MSW) and the Masters in Public Health (MPH). The MSW/MPH program will prepare graduates with flexibility for professional leadership in a broad range of health and social services within communities and organizations. Areas of study will include prevention, program planning, development and evaluation.

The impetus for this dual program arises from a growing societal recognition that issues once thought to represent individual-level interventions, such as family violence, substance use, and mental illness, are multi-level problems demanding multi-level interventions for their amelioration. The MSW/MPH Degree Program will equip students with a broader set of skills and perspectives to address such issues.