Dental Medicine, DMD/Public Health, MPH

Degree: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
Dental Medicine (DMD) Program Information

Degree: Master of Public Health (MPH)
Public Health (MPH) Program Information

Program Overview

One of the primary goals of the American Dental Association (ADA) is to, "promote the oral health of the public." Dental public health is one of the nine recognized specialties of the ADA, and is defined as, "the art and science of preventing oral diseases and promoting oral health through organized community efforts". The DMD/MPH program seeks to impart knowledge and skills necessary to expand the practice of dentistry into the community in a proactive way that fosters positive oral health, and as a direct result, yields improved overall health of the populations involved. It is necessary to address populations to improve the health of individuals and to work with individuals to improve the health of populations. Thus, dentistry and public health are interdependent and reliant on each other in order to achieve their mutual goals.

Admissions to the Program

Students interested in the DMD/MPH program, please contact Dr. Sena Narendran, director of the program, by phone at 216.368.1311 or by email at